Dos E

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**Due to a supply issue, we will not be receiving any more stock of sailplane kits. Until further notice, NPMC is not in business. Thank you for your support, we'll be back in 2017 with some in house designed balsa model kits. **

The Dos E is an electric power 2 meter sail plane with performance and light weight as their key features. Perfect for ALES, other thermal competition, or even a light wind slope model.

The fuselage pod is Kevlar reinforced with carbon, and a spiral wound carbon tail boom. Wings are Kevlar/carbon skin with carbon spar caps, leading/trailing edge, as well as a light weight carbon tube running down each wing panel. Servo cutouts in the wings are done at the factory, with wiring running through the aforementioned tube. An injection molded plastic wing assembly mold is included to aid in the wing joining process. The tail is vacuum bagged glass/carbon/kevlar, with the horizontal tail being bolt on, making travel or repairs quick and easy. Rounding out the model is a complete lightweight hardware package that includes MP Jet clevis and ball links, as well as light weight pushrod material.

The forward access area is large enough to accommodate up to 3S 11.1V 1500mAh LiPo batteries, giving plenty of time to climb. 

The Dos E arrives as a kit, requiring about 10 hrs of assembly time. We include a basic servo tray and hardware, but being a kit, you can customize it as you see fit. 

Wingspan: 2000mm
Length: 1125mm
Wing Area: 30.5dm^2
Airfoil: AG35-36-37
Airframe Weight: 330g
Flying Weight: 630~650g

Motor: 2212 1000kv 
Battery: 3S 11.1V 1300~1500mah LiPo
ESC: 20~30amp
Servos: 2 Thin Wing Servos, 2x 9g Digital
Spinner: 34mm w/12x6 prop

Electronics shown in photos not included